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Its no nice to see that you are here!, I am Satori Sochandamandou, the esteemed CEO of The Blueprint Events. We specialize in crafting exquisite destination weddings across the globe, providing a seamless blend of opulence and approachability that will leave you breathless.


At The Blueprint Events, our sole purpose is to curate extraordinary celebrations for discerning couples like you, uncovering hidden gems and transforming obstacles into stepping stones toward an unparalleled wedding experience. With our unrivaled expertise in organizing destination weddings, we bring a wealth of knowledge to shape your vision and transcend the ordinary.


Our approach is rooted in the extraordinary. Through out of the box thinking, we design moments and experiences that not only embrace your unique cultural diferences but we bring them together, leaving an everlasting impression on this cherished day.


As an internationally renowned wedding planner and designer, my passion lies in bringing the essence of your love story infusing it with inspiration drawn from our interactionsand the beautiful destinations we collaborate with. I am utterly devoted to delivering the best experience to you and your family, hence why we are the favorite wedding planners for couples that want to release the pressure of planning the best day of the beginning of their lifes wile catering to the family members and loved ones.

Entrust your dream destination wedding to us, and together, we will embark on a journey to elevate possibilities beyond imagination. Your wedding will become an enchanting memory for all who witness this beautiful day.


Why us?

Because there are no other companies with multicultural backgrounds quite like us, we have done over 2500 weddings worldwide, from the heart of the US, the amazing flavors of the Caribbean, to the breathtaking views of places like Lake Como, Bali, and Morocco.


Choose The Blueprint Events for your destination wedding needs and let us optimize the possibilities together. Our commitment is to make your planning process and wedding an unforgettable experience that reflects your vision and captures the hearts of all involved.

From my heart to yours


Meet the team

Satori Sochandamandou

Founder CEO

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